1- Develop the reading and writing culture of Nigerian students/pupils.

2- Build their leadership capacity to become patriotic citizens.

3- Get their written works published online.

4- Create an online library/ resource centre for their research works

This site is run by educative community and leadership forum (EDUCLEF) in partnership with BHIT Magazine . Educlef is a non Govermental Organisation aimed at inspiring and developing the leadership capacity of Nigerians.
To develop the reading and writing culture of Nigerian pupils/student.
Provide access to intellectually rich content for intellectual, moral and social development of Nigerian student.
There are 3 kinds of participation in this site activities. Management membership , author membership and premium membership.
Management membership is for school managment authority. This kind of user is designed for the school management to do the following.
1- Create their contact page and become more visible to a wider audience.

2- Publish articles from their students.

3- Publish news and events from their school.

Read this to learn how to post content
When you register as a school, send a massage, whatsapp to 08097886721 to notify site admin of your pages created. Your massage should include the official phone number and email with which site admin can contact you.
4- For all subsequent posts you create, send a message to admin so that your post will be approved
Note; It takes about 2 working days for your posts to be approved.

Use of this site will for managment users will attract a maintenance fee of 5,000.00 (five thousand naira yearly) from 2020

This user is designed for authors, these authors includes students and teachers.
This enables them to publish their works anytime.
All posts will be approved by site admin team before it will go public. I.e. When you publish a post, it will remain in the admin panel till after site reads and approves it will it be published for public view.
After registration send your personal contact phone number and email to 08097886721 (Whatsapp) or through ordinary sms.

Site admin holds the right not to publish any post which does not into the site purpose.

Authors who do not want to be users can publish their article by sending it to admin@bhitmagazine.com.ng or 08097886721 (whatsapp)

This user has full authority to publish posts without site admin.
This user attracts a fee of N10,000.00 (ten thousand naira)


1- Best of the best- This column seeks to celebrate pupils who excel in certain areas of endeavour. This column will celebrate the bests in all academic subjects and in the leadership qualities.
This column will designed to run once every term.

2-Articles column- This column covers all articles written by students. There is no limit to the amount of articles an author can submit.
Training- This is any training built for teachers or students.

3-Paper- this column is strictly for articles published by teachers.

4-News/events- this is for advertising events and publishing news coming from all players in the educational sector.

5- Competitions- This column will show the result of competitions organized by individual schools, this include chess and board game competitions and inter-house sports result.

From June 2018, all best pupils from all subjects will compete in an interschool quiz to get winners for each category.
6 – Training- this pertains to all training for pupils or teachers of the various schools.